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Yoga Props: What Are They Good For?

Maybe you are more of a purest, like me, when it comes to practicing your flow. Give me a simple mat or the raw earth beneath my feet and I will be complete rooted down in my vinyasas. That was until I found out about all of the tools available to change up your yogic practice. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t want to be toting around a ton of props when I get the itch to go into an impromptu stream of poses. Below you will find a list of some of the variety of tools out there to help take your yoga practice to the next level.

Yoga Props for Beginners and Advanced Yogis

1. Mat: Number one item to have to help aid during the practice to prevent hands and feet from slipping. Yoga mats come in different sizes and types to meet each Yogi’s needs.

2. Yoga Towel: The majority of yoga towels are the same size as the yoga mat. The towel provides a soft absorbent material that can be used as a mat substitute or mat cover.

3. Yoga Block: Are one of the most popular yoga props used in a practice. Blocks are made from foam, bamboo, wood, or cork. Blocks can be used to help with the extension of the arms, a support for the back, head, and hips to help settle the body into a pose.

4. Yoga Bolster: A bolster is a firm, narrow shaped pillow to help provide comfort, support poses, and increase stretching during restorative positions and deep breathing exercise.

5. Yoga Strap: Are used for stretching so that users achieve a wide range of motion.

6. Meditation Pillow: Is used during meditation to help provide support during the practice. This pillow is made with buckwheat to make the pillow heavy enough to keep you from shifting in your seat.

7. Yoga Wedge: The wedge slightly modifies the angle of your hands, feet, or pelvis contact to the ground, supporting joints. Helps soften angles to increase comfort and stability.

8. Yoga Neck Pillow: Are used to support the neck in restorative postures, or to help support the spine, knees and ankles.

9. Yoga Wheel: Is a circular shaped prop that helps open the front side of the body, and assist in advanced yoga postures.

10. Yoga Ball: Are large vinyl ball that assist in strengthen and stretch your body, improving stability and balance.

11. Yoga Blanket: Is a highly versatile prop that helps with warmth during restorative but also be used for refined poses for support and alignment.

12. Yoga Socks: Designed to be used on or off the mat, the yoga sock has a targeted tractions zone that give non-slip grip on any surface to increase balance and stability.

13. Yoga Gloves: Are designed to provide comfort and traction while practicing. The grippy dots help improve balance and stability.

14. Yoga Knee Pads: Provides extra support and secure surface for knees, elbow pain, or wrist pain, and adds comfort during poses and practice.

If you have any further questions about props or want to start your yogic journey with us, drop us a line. We come at you every last Wednesday of the month through Facebook Live to answer your questions and discuss topics you are interested in. You can email us at or find us on Facebook.

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