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The Team: Our Team


Owner, Master Instructor, Licensed Energy Practitioner, Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Wellness & Life Coach, Internationally Accredited Yoga Instructor, Certified Naturopathic Healer & Mental Health Advocate

I believe in a holistic approach to a clear mind, healthy body, and peaceful soul.

It was not always like this for me. Less than five years ago, I was living for the weekends and trying to keep us with the Jones’. (I would really like to meet the Jones and ask them who they are trying to keep up with). 🤔😅


Was this all there was to life? It appeared that way for many of the people I surrounded myself with. I would see people off in the distance that seemed to have more than this but never felt I could be at their level.


There was not big wake up calls that changed my life. This metamorphosis had been brewing for a long time. As I have grown older, I have relegalized the true value of the mind-body-soul connections. Over time, pieces of this puzzle have continued to be uncovered to me, aiding in my own vitality and wellness.


I am an advocate to a healthy lifestyle with a balance between “healthy” and realistic life situations. (I will never give you up chocolate.) 🍩😗 I like to incorporate therapeutic processing, nutrition, physical wellness, and spiritual enlightenment. I utilize all types of tools to optimize individual happiness.


I have a passion for art, yoga, horses, puppy love, and being one with nature. I am a mother, wife, geek, and Jeep freak.


For the past 15 years, I have worked in the mental health field assisting individuals in a variety of live issues and currently hold a certification as a wellness coach in the state of Missouri. I hold a master’s degree in forensic psychology and have been a certified substance use counselor for over 10 years. Throughout my travels, I have provided support as a sexual assault and trauma counselor in previous endeavors. My most recent accomplishment was obtaining my certification as a yoga instructor and opening this amazing safe place (aka, Spark. studio) in Stockton.



Studio Manager & Yoga Instructor

Bree joined our team in January of 2022. Her spunky and bright personality quickly warmed our hearts and the hearts of our tribe. She is highly informative and loves to learn more about anything and everything around her. Although she says she is shy, you wouldn't know it as she makes everyone feel like they have been friends for years. 

This super spirited and knowledgeable yogi is blazing her own path to health and wellness. One of the most unique things Bree brings to the team is her passion to make yoga a fluid movement practice...and her sense of humor.

Bree joins our team as a mother of four kiddos and wife to a supportive husband. She is a locally known in the area, whether seen at many of her kids' sporting activities, band concerts, or wondering the any of the wonder trails around the lake. Bree has many other interests and talents including, macrame, kayaking, hiking, gardening, reading, and stone/crystal hobbyist.

Be sure to stop into any of her classes and see for yourself why we love her so much. ❤️



Yoga Instructor

I’m a wife and mother of three with a strong Christian Faith. I’m humble in the path that I was brought down in order to find my passion in yoga and the benefits it has provided for me. When I’m not practicing yoga, I’m at church volunteering in any way possible to give back. Yoga has given me the time to meditate on God’s word, given me strength to stretch my faith, and allows me endless time to pray. Yoga has showed me that anyone can find something for them from spiritual growth to physical growth. Please continue reading on how my faith brought me to where I am today.


I discovered yoga in 2015-2016 while in desperate need of chronic pain relief. I suffer from major hip, low back and shoulder pain. I had many rounds of steroid injections to help alleviate my pain. However, the injections only helped for a short period of time before the pain would rear its ugly head and come back worse than before. The pain caused me to become bed ridden and I was unable to be an active mother and wife to my family whom needed me. One night while searching for natural ways to manage my pain I stumbled across Restorative Yoga. Let me tell you, Restorative Yoga has been an answer to my prayers. Not only can I walk again but my pain is manageable.


I’ve practiced Restorative Yoga out of personal interest for several years now, gaining mobility, and improving my health. However, by the end of the first month, I noticed how much better I was feeling. I never dreamt, I would take on the task of becoming a Yoga Instructor or even making yoga my career, not just my hobby. I obtained my first teaching job here at Spark Yoga, in Stockton, MO upon graduating in 2020 with my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification, and to date, I plan on continuing my education in Restorative Yoga in order to help those whom need a physical relief from pain, overall health improvement, relaxation, and even stress relief.


For me, yoga is about the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, pain relief and releasing tension. So, in my class you will experience a balance that is designed to give your body and mind space to restore. This practice is perfect for those whom have suffered from injuries or accidents. You can expect to hold poses longer, using props to support your whole body, and allowing yourself to experience relaxation and healing benefits for your whole physical body. Results may vary from person to person depending on the extent of injury. So, multiple sessions maybe needed to experience Restorative at the fullest benefits.



Piyo Instructor

I have a love for fitness and adventure! Logging miles with my dogs and exploring new places are among my favorite activities. 


I am beyond excited to get back to sharing this low-impact, high-energy workout that builds strength and flexibility! 



Yoga Instructor

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, and to the self” -unknown-

I’ve practiced yoga and meditation from early adolescence into and throughout my adult life. Through all of life's ups and downs yoga has always been my foundation. I became certified in 2020 because I want to grow and share my knowledge of the yoga practice. I believe yoga is for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

My current personal favorite style of yoga is Vinyasa, I love moving with my breath through a series of poses finding that somatic healing experience. As a teacher I would love to bring that to students’ practices. I’m so excited to be apart of the Spark team and practice and grow with each of you.

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